It’s good to be home, under my warm blanket and fabric pillow. Seeing my fake plastic lantern on and off. It’s getting tense when i saw my window talked to me like high speed lighter.

Focking my own word’s world, full of colors you can’t never imagined. Bunch of insects went fly away, between an ear and radio’s tuned.

What’s all wrong it ain’t wrong, brand new lights with a high sights. Big dopes won’t bring a butterflies off.

Sunset closed and boomed sea down right at this boulevard were very high end.

And lady of  Olympus bring us a Goddess intelligent. Fairy-insects flew to the top of nirvana’s olympus, took bones of perfectless soul down.

Underwater oxygen clapped, it absorbed up to high monitor def’s.

Melodic rhyts showed mine a perfecta spectato space dimension runaway. an eyes of meditate.

.A – Enghuowaeroe.

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